Overveiw of our upcoming Employment Workshop

  • Are you prepared to work?
  • 4A’s of successful job search

Action getting it done!-Research-What do I need to do or obtain in order to reach my goal? Goal/Objective- what type of job/ industry that I am looking for?: attitude, attendance, action, attire you must have all four or your chances of you becoming employed is greatly reduced eliminating barriers such as childcare, transportation, attire etc. there are religious, community, social organizations that can assist you at little or no cost

  • Plan, Strategize, Execute;




You can’t be lazy! For your decisions will ultimately decide your destination so make a good decision

(Break) 15 minutes

  • What is a resume? Photographs/Snap shots of your employment history so take good pictures
  • Remember what gives the word its power is how it is used so choose your words carefully!
  • *Length of resume (pages)

*Types of resume: Functional, Chronological, Combination (a resume that uses both Functional and Chronological) which one should you use?

*Do/Don’t (Resume)

-Professional email address (Yahoo offers free email)

-Check for grammar and working phone numbers

-Resume should be easy to understand and read

-List responsibilities/accomplishments (O’net Online)

-Have key words or similar words of job description that you are applying for is in your resume along with your experience, requirements and skills and that they matches up with job requirements you are applying for (sizzle) employers are not going to do any guesswork or assumed that you are qualified if your requirements, skills or experience. In other words what are you bringing to the table?

-Do not send the same resume to every employer you may need to tweak your resume-use your creativity side

**Presentation is everything****

-Use only relevant skills/experience on your resume you may need to complete an additional resume due to your diversity of skills or industry

-Resumes are like food some people are going to like your resume other are not make a decision stick to it regarding body of your resume

-Do not use tiny or small print where your resume is difficult to read

-Do not put nicknames, height, weight, family/ marital status or any other personal information on your resume

-Sell yourself (the resume is your employment clothing line. On the runway of job search employer are only going to take a moment dazzle them)



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