From the book “By Faith Alone, devotional book based on Martin Luther’s sermons:
Sinful Desires
What your spiritual nature wants is contrary to what your corrupt nature wants. They are opposed to each other.
Ga 5:17
When I was a monk, I thought that my salvation was immediately lost if I experienced a sinful desire of the corrupt nature—for example, an evil emotion, sexual desire, anger, hatred, or envy towards any brother. I tried many spiritual exercises, such as confessing daily, but I made no headway. The desires of the corrupt nature always returned so that I couldn’t find rest. I was constantly tormented by thoughts such as these: “You committed this and that sin, and you are guilty of envy, impatience, and more. As a result, you have entered this monastic order in vain, and all your good works are useless.” If I had at that time better understood Paul’s statements about the corrupt nature battling against the Spirit and that “they are opposed to each other,” I would not have tortured myself so much.
I would have thought the way I do today, “Martin, you cannot be completely without sin because you are still in this body. As a result, you will experience the conflict with the corrupt nature. The corrupt nature battles against the Spirit, just as Paul teaches. Therefore, don’t give up, but fight against it so that you do not gratify these evil desires. Then you will no longer be under the law.”
Vicar Rick VanBriggle
Genesis Center

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